A letter for America

I am the daughter of lady liberty and lady justice, of blood soaked earth and shackles for these things in our country have come hand in hand. The bottom of lady liberty is hidden, not because of a structural flaw or because it just doesn’t look nice but because we have decided that we want to hide the chains of slavery and oppression from ourselves and from the world.

America is a country that is great. It is not a country that is perfect or the best or the most just or the most free but it is a country that grows and that is a lot of what liberty and justice come from. We have moved past the shackles of slavery but the marks on the wrists and backs of African Americans still exist and our work is not done until those marks of racism have left.


Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 9.20.03 AM.png
One of my favorite pieces of Lady Justice Art, this one includes a detail of calling Justice the Guardian of Liberty


If justice and liberty are truly our highest values and those who are patriotic support our highest values, why does the concept of giving justice for the oppressed so hard? Why is the concept of giving people of the same sex the liberty to marry hard to grasp?

If liberty and justice are liberty and justice for all then why does it seem to only extend to Christians and leave out Jewish and Muslim people?

If our country is a nation of immigrants who have come to another place for religious persecution, how are we better if we persecute?


If ISIS is so bad because it kills people of differing faiths and wants to take over places where it shouldn’t, are we better if we bomb cities ISIS occupies, regardless of the civilians that we are saying ISIS is bad because they are killing? If we kill indiscriminately based on geographic location does that make us just as bad? If we kill people for being Muslim (as many Muslims live in that area and make a pilgrimage to the area to visit one of the holy places) are we better than ISIS?

If we, as liberals, tweet at President Trump that we want to kill him are liberals better than the conservatives who said the same about Obama? If we don’t give President Trump a chance to lead, not without questions but with an open mind, are we being better than the conservatives who did not give that chance to Obama?

But if we don’t speak up when things go horribly wrong, when a President orders 59 missile strikes without congresses approval, something unconstitutional, and kills around six people, when do we speak up? How many must die before we speak up? How many laws must be broken before we speak up? How much liberty must be infringed before we speak up?

I do not mean these questions as derogatory or insulting I am actually curious. I am asking not to insult but to question and to grow and to be more of a daughter of Justice and Liberty because I believe in this country. I believe that we can overcome because we can listen, we can give justice and we can give liberty but first, we have to question, we have to listen and then we have to speak.


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