The Podcast

Herstory 101 is a podcast in which I, Alexina, and my dad Tim, discuss women in history. I research and present the women in history and my dad makes dad jokes and makes sure to point out that not all of these women are exemplary moral women.

The Site

The herstory 101 site is where I (still Alexina) will post about things that interest me, link to the podcast episodes, give show notes, answer questions, link to articles that our listeners and readers will find interesting and interact with people.


Hello! I am a fifteen-year-old book and podcast obsessed co-host of the podcast and editor/writer of the herstory 101 site.


Tim is my dad (Alexina’s dad that is). He is the founder and owner of Now It Matters, a company that implements salesforce for non-profits, and the podcast host of both Herstory 101 and Cloud TNT.